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House Full House: A Modern Family’s Dream Home

FeaturedModern two-story house with large windows and a flat roof.

House Full House, a 2023 creation by Devyni Architektai, epitomizes modern living in Lithuania. With a focus on clean lines and functional design, this house integrates concrete, glass, and wood for a stunning facade. Its interior features an impressive staircase, large windows, and an open-concept layout, connecting the indoor comfort with outdoor splendors like a tennis court and river views. This property, offering luxurious amenities including a spa and cinema room, redefines contemporary elegance.

Lithuanian Man Cave by Devyni Architektai

Lithuanian Man Cave by Devyni Architektai

Devyni Architektai has created a unique retreat – a man cave in Švenčionys, Lithuania. Built in 2022, this traditional barn-style house features a gable roof and small floor area, as well as a sliding window system which allows to expand the functionality of this cozy place. Local materials were used for construction and decoration, such as wood from the surrounding wood workshops, and craftsmanship from local craftsmen. The interior is simple, but beautiful – plywood material emphasizes the simplicity of the building’s purpose and function.

Located in a picturesque landscape, surrounded by natural meadows, this retreat is the perfect place to escape city noise and enjoy the peace of nature.

Avatar by Devyni Architektai

FeaturedAvatar by Devyni Architektai

Introducing Avatar, a serene wooden retreat designed by Devyni Architektai and located in the picturesque Ožkiniai, Lithuania.

This exquisite property offers the perfect escape from city life, allowing you to connect with nature and discover your inner self. The Avatar retreat features a unique blend of modern design and natural materials, providing a harmonious living space that beautifully merges with the surrounding landscape.