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Brett: Exploring a Wine Bar’s Architectural Charm in Italy

Elegant brick archway frames a modern seating area with potted plants.

Brett, a distinctive wine bar in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, showcases a unique blend of historic charm and modern design. Designed in 2023 by Etiam Studio, this space marries natural materials with industrial elements, emphasizing a cozy yet elegant atmosphere. Original features like wooden beams and marble floors complement innovative steel furnishings, creating an inviting area for wine enthusiasts.

Casa Moe: Etiam Studio’s Light-Infused Marvel in Milan

Casa Moe: Etiam Studio’s Light-Infused Marvel in Milan

Overlooking Milan’s iconic Naviglio Grande, Casa Moe is a modern marvel. Set in an early 1900s building, this top-floor apartment designed by Etiam Studio in 2023 beautifully juxtaposes minimal aesthetics with optimal functionality. Flooded with sunlight via five grand skylights, the space radiates warmth and invites you into a realm where every design choice tells a story.