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Mercedes-Benz Istanbul Headquarters: Innovative Office Design

Modern, open-concept office with vibrant colors, modular furniture, and ample natural light.

Designed by the renowned Boytorun Architects, the Mercedes-Benz Istanbul Headquarters in Turkey’s vibrant city of Istanbul boasts a design approach that fosters a strong sense of belonging, enhances productivity, and encourages collaboration and innovation within an inspiring working environment.

As one of the eight licensed design offices that Mercedes-Benz collaborates with globally, Boytorun Architects has expertly crafted this 10-story, 1400 sqm office space that seamlessly blends dynamic, modern, and flexible working styles.

Artchimboldi Barcelona: Embracing Feng Shui in Architecture

Spacious modern living room with concrete ceiling, patterned tile floor, and minimalist furnishings.

Situated in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, Artchimboldi is a stunning apartment design by the talented Emma Martí. Embracing the principles of feng shui, this 2023 project features a warm, welcoming entrance and seamless integration of flexible, light-filled spaces.

The use of natural wood and textured glass throughout creates a harmonious, minimalist aesthetic, while strategic lighting and HVAC solutions enhance the overall functionality and adaptability of the home.

IG&H Utrecht: Transforming the Workplace with Biophilic Design

Modern, minimalist office interior with wood slat partitions, cozy furniture, and lush plant life.

The IG&H Utrecht project, designed by D/DOCK in 2021, reimagines the modern office as a hub for creativity and collaboration. Located in Utrecht, Netherlands, this innovative workspace showcases the application of environmental psychology and biophilic design principles, resulting in a park-like office landscape that enhances the well-being of its occupants. Eschewing traditional office features, the design embraces organic shapes, ample greenery, and secluded nooks that facilitate meaningful interactions among employees.

American Australian Association Murdoch Center: Transforming Midtown Manhattan with Flexible Hospitality Design

Sleek wooden slat walls and vibrant orange sofa create a warm, modern living space.

The American Australian Association (AAA) recently unveiled its new Murdoch Center in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, designed by renowned architecture firm Woods Bagot. This state-of-the-art cultural center blends flexible office spaces with versatile event areas, providing a dynamic hub for strengthening ties between Australia and the United States.

Featuring a seamless integration of hospitality and functionality, the design incorporates custom movable furnishings and exposed ceilings that create a gallery-like atmosphere, perfectly suited for the AAA’s rotating arts programming.