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Gong’s House: Framing Serene Yongjia Vistas with Refined Design

Cozy open-plan living space with wooden beams, large windows, and a minimalist aesthetic.

Gong’s House, a captivating residential project designed by Various Associates, blends urban sophistication with the serene charm of rural Yongjia, China. Prioritizing functionality and comfort, this 2024 house offers a harmonious gathering space for the multigenerational Gong family, seamlessly integrating the modern lifestyle with the tranquil natural environment.

Featuring innovative herbal brick construction and thoughtful spatial planning, Gong’s House exemplifies how contemporary design can celebrate the essence of traditional Jiangnan architecture.

Parsons House: Breathtaking Views and Sustainable Design

A modern, beautifully designed house nestled among lush greenery, featuring striking architectural elements and illuminated interiors.

Situated atop Mt Pleasant in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Parsons House is a private residence designed by the talented team at MC Architecture Studio. Completed in 2021, this captivating home seamlessly blends into the existing dense foliage, offering a sense of seclusion and privacy while boasting expansive views over the estuary and the city beyond.

The two-winged design pivots around the heart of the home, creating a protective shelter from the southern environment while embracing the northern sun and panoramic vistas. With a focus on high-performance features, this residence showcases a harmonious balance of sleek, metallic surfaces and soft, timber elements, resulting in a truly remarkable architectural masterpiece.