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Casa Floro: Pucciocollodoro’s Light-Filled Masterpiece

Modern living room with a herringbone wood floor, gray sofa, and marble

Discover the transformation of a 1970s residential complex into the contemporary Casa Floro in Gela, Italy, by Pucciocollodoro Architetti. This project goes beyond mere renovation, blending innovation, functionality, and a new identity with the historic fabric of its location.

Casa Floro stands out for its bright, welcoming living areas, strategic use of natural oak and stone-effect materials, and custom furnishings that redefine living space with elegance and coherence.

Casa Levante: A Modern Apartment with Breathtaking Views

Casa Levante: A Modern Apartment with Breathtaking Views

Experience a breath of fresh Italian air with Casa Levante, a modern apartment nestled in the picturesque locale of Gela, Italy. This architectural masterpiece, designed by PuccioCollodoro Architetti, is situated in the historic heart of Gela, overlooking the golden beach and the enchanting Sicilian gulf.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant hues of the twilight sky and the city’s iconic architecture, the designers have meticulously crafted a living space that harmoniously blends natural lighting with a vibrant palette of colors and materials. This 2023 redesign is a perfect blend of modern design and classic Italian charm, ensuring a luxurious living experience, right by the Mediterranean sea.