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Villa MM: A Serene Retreat in Ligurian Riviera

Sleek house with large glass doors, pool, and olive trees.

Discover the allure of Villa MM, a stunning modern house nestled amidst the hills of the Ligurian Riviera in Italy. Designed by the renowned Giordano Hadamik Architects, this family building spans approximately 160 sqm and boasts breathtaking vistas of the sea and mountains.

Set within a mature olive grove, the villa seamlessly blends with the surrounding Mediterranean landscape, featuring a natural stone facade, timber sun shading elements, and earthy colors. With its large windows, sliding shutters, and open living spaces, Villa MM captures the essence of indoor-outdoor living, inviting you to savor picture-perfect views and bask in the tranquility of nature.

Villa SD: A Stone House Treasure in Bordighera, Italy

FeaturedVilla SD: A Stone House Treasure in Bordighera, Italy

Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite architectural design with Villa SD, a breathtaking masterpiece nestled in the heart of Bordighera, Italy. Seamlessly blending the stark beauty of modern design with the rustic charm of traditional Mediterranean elements, Villa SD is the epitome of elegant living. This captivating stone house, spanning approximately 250 square meters (2691 square feet), has been masterfully crafted by the renowned Giordano Hadamik Architects.

With its grand façade graced by large openings facing the valley and the sea, Villa SD stands as a testament to luxury living, harmoniously co-existing with the lush terrain of the Ligurian terraces. Step into a world where architecture meets nature, where earthy elements playfully tease the senses, and where the stunning view of the Gulf stretching out towards Montecarlo becomes an everyday spectacle.

Villa M by Giordano Hadamik Architects

Villa M by Giordano Hadamik Architects

Welcome to Villa M, an enchanting modern family villa nestled in the scenic hills of Liguria, Italy. Designed in 2018 by the Giordano Hadamik Architects, this single-floor, L-shaped villa boasts about 150 square meters (1614.59 square feet) of thoughtfully designed living space.

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural scenery and the traditional dry stone walls of Ligurian terraces, Villa M seamlessly blends the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living, providing ample room for relaxation and entertainment. This architectural masterpiece caters to up to 10 people and is the perfect vacation retreat. The villa’s design focuses on environmentally sustainable practices, using local materials and craftsmanship, reducing its carbon footprint while maximizing comfort and air quality.