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Triangulo House: Sustainable Living in Brazil’s Concrete Oasis

Expansive open-plan living area with warm wood accents, modern furniture, and abundant natural light.

Designed by renowned Brazilian architecture firm Bernardes Arquitetura, the Triangulo House in São Paulo showcases a captivating interplay of concrete, glass, and natural light. This contemporary house features a distinctive triangular volume resting atop four concrete walls, a result of the unique shape of the terrain and strategic solar orientation. The dynamic design, completed in 2016, employs a metallic lattice to enable the striking cantilevered first floor, creating a visually striking and functionally impressive residential retreat.

Chiome House: Luxury Apartment Design in Rome

Stylish living room with circular dining table, pendant lamps, and an antique clock.

Chiome House or Casa delle Chiome is a 150-square-meter apartment located in the Vigna Clara district of Rome, Italy. Designed by architect Arabella Rocca in 2021, the renovation project, completed jointly with Luca Braguglia, centered around a ribbon window overlooking the lush greenery.

The spacious living area, tailored to the needs of a young family with small children, features a custom-made low sofa and utilizes a fluid, natural green microcement treatment on the wall opposite the large windows.