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The Way It Works by Halel Arch

The Way It Works by Halel Arch

Located in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, Israel, The Way It Works office space was designed by Halel Architecture and Interior Design in 2022 with an industrial-but-warm design style.

This unique workspace offers versatility, creativity and a different atmosphere to its employees who are constantly growing and expanding. Special features such as the phone booth for confessing into a camera help create a memorable experience for all who enter.

The fusion design combines aluminum systems with warm motifs like bricks, vegetation and soft lighting fixtures to add character throughout the space. Acoustic sponges provide privacy while allowing natural light from large windows to fill the open area where individual workstations are separated by library compartments made from split oak wood panels painted in black shades along with expanded nets.

With its dynamic look, this office is sure to make any employee feel right at home!