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Exeter College Library: Sensitive Restoration and Contemporary Interventions

A grand, wood-paneled library with a vaulted glass ceiling and rows of bookshelves.

Exeter College Library in Oxford, UK, has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment by nex architecture. This neo-gothic library, designed by George Gilbert Scott in 1857, sits in a sensitive historic setting next to the Bodleian Library’s Convocation House. The project aimed to create additional study space, improve accessibility and environmental performance, and conserve the building’s fabric and historic features.

Seven Hills SF: Feldman Architecture’s Airy Workspace Transformation

Minimalist kitchen design with wood-paneled cabinets, concrete countertops, and glass divider.

Feldman Architecture‘s reimagination of a historic San Francisco building into the chic, contemporary office space known as Seven Hills SF showcases their expertise in blending old and new. Located in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood, this former health center and gym now features a refreshed, airy workspace anchored by a striking, wood-slatted staircase and an operable skylight that floods the double-height atrium with natural light.

Townhouse by Kallos Turin: Restoring Historic Glamour in Argentina

FeaturedElegant living room with inviting armchairs, mirrored fireplace, and glass coffee table.

This historic Townhouse in the lush Palermo Chico neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been meticulously restored and modernized by renowned design duo Kallos Turin. The clients, who have collaborated with the designers on several previous projects, sought to create an elegant, intellectually-engaging home that blends the grandeur of the original Beaux-Arts architecture with contemporary sensibilities.

Kallos Turin‘s approach artfully preserves the home’s historic details while strategically inserting modern design elements, resulting in a harmonious balance of classic and contemporary styles.

Contraste: Debonademeo’s Luxury Restaurant Redesign in Milan

Ornate, high-ceilinged interior with wooden paneling, varied lighting fixtures, and vibrant colors.

Debonademeo Studio’s stunning redesign of the Michelin-starred Contraste restaurant in Milan, Italy, has transformed the historic space into a sensory journey. Blending vintage charm and contemporary elegance, the project thoughtfully incorporates the building’s original 19th-century features while catering to the modern dining experience. Across five distinct zones, each inspired by the four elements, the restaurant offers a captivating and immersive ambiance that complements the acclaimed culinary offerings.

New Town Apartment: Celebrating Historic Restoration in Edinburgh

Expansive living room with large windows, ornate moldings, and a striking abstract artwork.

The New Town Apartment in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, showcases a masterful blend of historic preservation and modern design, courtesy of the talented Luke McClelland Design. This 2023 project aims to celebrate the property’s existing features while introducing thoughtful interventions to enhance functionality and circulation. The careful balance between restoration and contemporary elements results in a subtly striking interior that complements the building’s Grade A Listed status.

9 East Studio: Collective Office’s Modern Redesign in Chicago

A modern, minimalist interior with large windows overlooking a historic brick building.

Collective Office, a renowned design firm, has breathed new life into a piece of Chicago history with their stunning 9 East Studio project. Located in the heart of the city, this 5,550-square-foot, two-story office space was once home to a custom masonry fabrication contractor, sitting vacant since the mid-1980s. Through a meticulous renovation process that spanned 24 dump trucks and 7 months, the team has created a modern and functional workspace that celebrates the building’s rich heritage and supports creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

Erika: Renaissance of a 17th-Century Palace Apartment

Erika: Renaissance of a 17th-Century Palace Apartment

In the heart of Cuneo, Italy, where the past breathes through the cobblestone streets and baroque architecture, the historical Palazzo Rubatti di Torricella unveils its latest transformation. Barbara Vucusa, renowned for blending historical reverence with modern comfort, has reinvented an apartment within this 17th-century palace. Aptly named Erika, this redesign in 2021 invites residents to step back in time while enjoying contemporary luxuries.

Through thoughtful restoration, the apartment’s noble floor reveals its original grandeur, from rediscovered 18th-century frescoes to custom-designed furniture that bridges the essence of aristocracy with the ease of modern living.

Donnagnora Farmhouse: A Historic Mediterranean Retreat

Donnagnora Farmhouse: A Historic Mediterranean Retreat

Step into a piece of history with the Donnagnora Farmhouse in the heart of Ostuni, Italy, also known as the “White City” for its characteristic whitewashed houses. Masterfully redesigned by Flore & Venezia Architects in 2022, this iconic farmhouse merges traditional Mediterranean design with the allure of its historical roots.

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Puglia, Donnagnora Farmhouse promises a unique blend of old-world charm and state-of-the-art facilities for an unparalleled retreat in one of Italy’s most mysterious and enchanting regions.