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Smichov Natural Apartment: Crafting Cozy Minimalism in Prague

FeaturedModern apartment interior with open balcony, concrete walls, and wooden flooring. Stylish shelving unit and plush sofa.

The Smichov Natural Apartment in Prague, Czech Republic, is a stunning modern home designed by Iva Hájková in 2023. Featuring an industrial-inspired aesthetic with concrete, dark windows, and metal elements, the apartment’s hard and visually clean exterior belies a warm, cozy interior. Responding to the building’s industrial character with lightness and subtlety, the designer has incorporated natural materials like wood, stone, and handcrafted ceramics to create a peaceful, relaxing haven amidst the city’s fast-paced energy.

The Butcher’s Flat: Minimalist Chic in Prague’s Historic District

Minimalist dining area with sleek furniture, modern shelving, and warm lighting.

The Butcher’s Flat, a captivating apartment design by Iva Hajkova, showcases a harmonious blend of minimalist elegance and artistic influences in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. Inspired by the building’s historical context and the investor’s modern art collection, this apartment embodies a clean, masculine aesthetic with a focus on quality materials and geometric details.