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Villa A: Teamstar’s Ocean-Inspired Masterpiece in Japan

Modern house with curved roof, pool, and large windows overlooking a street.

Immerse yourself in the elegance of Villa A, Teamstar‘s 2023 architectural triumph nestled on Akiya Beach, Japan. This contemporary house stands as a testament to harmonious design, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Mt. Fuji.

With its wave-inspired vaulted roof and hillside-integrated structure, Villa A merges environmental sensitivity with luxurious amenities, including an infinity pool and a wood-burning sauna. Revel in a space that captures the spirit of Japanese yachting culture in every detail.

House in Toguchi: A Serene Ocean-view Retreat in Kagoshima

Modern concrete house with geometric design and ocean view.

House In Toguchi in Kagoshima, Japan, is a stunning creation by Sakai Architects, nestled in the serene Amami Oshima Island. This two-story house, blending a family home with a hair salon, overlooks the Pacific Ocean, embodying peaceful living. Its eco-friendly design, featuring natural ventilation and strategic window placements, harmonizes with the surrounding landscape.

House In Toguchi represents sustainable, tranquil architecture at its finest.

UB Kindergarten and Nursery: Eco-Friendly Learning in Fuji Yoshida

Modern home interior with geometric staircase and mezzanine, people interacting.

Explore the UB Kindergarten and Nursery in Fuji Yoshida, Yamanashi, Japan, a masterpiece of modern design by HIBINOSEKKEI+Youji no Shiro. Built in 2022, this kindergarten harmoniously blends with the local scenery, offering a unique educational environment. Following the philosophy of “Play to the fullest in the nature of Fuji Yoshida”, it features a landscape rich with lakes, trees, and an exploratory forest.

Eco-friendly and child-centric, the UB Kindergarten and Nursery is not just a place of learning but a vibrant space fostering curiosity and a strong sense of community, all while embracing the beauty of nature.

House in Nakano-sakaue: Innovative Living in Tokyo

House in Nakano-sakaue: Innovative Living in Tokyo

Discover the House in Nakano-sakaue, a 2023 architectural marvel in Tokyo, Japan, crafted by Daisuke Matsui Architects Studio. This modern, narrow single-family house stands as a testament to innovative urban living in one of the world’s most dynamic cities. Merging sleek design with functionality, it represents the pinnacle of contemporary Japanese architecture, offering a unique blend of style and practicality in the bustling heart of Tokyo.

House on the Skirt of Mt. Katsuragi: A Modern Family Retreat

House on the Skirt of Mt. Katsuragi: A Modern Family Retreat

Explore House on the Skirt of Mt. Katsuragi, a 2021 creation by Yoshihiro Yamamoto Architects Atelier in Gose, Japan. This modern, wooden home unites a family and nature with its large windows and unique design, offering views of rice fields and Mt. Katsuragi.

Here, simplicity in architecture fosters a tranquil living space for a couple, their mother, and two cats.

Enowa Yufuin: Botanical Retreat Meets Primitive Elegance

Enowa Yufuin: Botanical Retreat Meets Primitive Elegance

Explore Enowa Yufuin, a luxurious hillside resort in Yufu, Japan, designed by Kuru Co. in 2023. Set against the stunning backdrop of Mt. Yufu and Yufu’s serene landscape, this resort spans 44,000 square meters (about 473,612 square feet) and elevates from 543 to 585 meters (1,781 to 1,919 feet) above sea level.

Enowa Yufuin redefines luxury with its “primitive luxury” concept, blending the raw beauty of nature with elegant design across its villas, restaurant, and hotel. It’s an immersive experience where nature’s simplicity meets sophisticated comfort.

Villa in Chonan: A Modern Escape in the Boso Peninsula

Villa in Chonan: A Modern Escape in the Boso Peninsula

The Villa in Chonan, crafted by Tapo Tomioka Architectural Planning Office in 2022, offers a serene getaway in Japan’s Boso Peninsula. This one-story villa, surrounded by forests, features a spacious outdoor living area and a pool.

Designed for a Tokyo family’s weekend retreat, it seamlessly blends indoor comfort with natural beauty, perfect for hosting and relaxation.