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The Doors: Kohlrabi’s Elegant Apartment Transformation in Sopot

FeaturedThe Doors: Kohlrabi’s Elegant Apartment Transformation in Sopot

Sopot, Poland, a city celebrated for its scenic beaches and lively nightlife, plays host to an apartment elegantly reimagined by designer Kohlrabi. “The Doors” project was once a labyrinth of darkened rooms and closed doors. But, following its 2022 redesign, the space emanates an undeniable charm, with every element—from the widened windows to the bespoke joinery—meticulously curated to bathe the interior in light.

Dark Apartment by Kohlrabi

Dark Apartment by Kohlrabi

Step into the enchanting world of Dark Apartment, an eclectic home nestled in the heart of Wrocław, Poland – a city renowned for its picturesque market square and historic architecture. Designed by the visionary Kohlrabi in 2019, this stunning apartment breathes new life into a 19th-century building by combining natural materials, robust colors, and bespoke elements. From the custom-crafted wooden doors to the striking brass handles, every detail of Dark Apartment exudes both functionality and atmosphere.