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House No. 36: Kuala Lumpur’s Answer to Net Zero Energy Homes

FeaturedHouse No. 36: Kuala Lumpur’s Answer to Net Zero Energy Homes

Set against the bustling backdrop of metro Kuala Lumpur, House No. 36 redefines urban living. This modern Net Zero energy home, adorned with 20kWp of solar PV, seamlessly melds sustainability with luxury. Designed by DRTAN LM Architect, the residence stands out with its mirror-finished façade reflecting the beauty of nature, while its interiors boast green sanctuaries and resort-like amenities tailored to each family member.

Positioned amidst traditional bungalows, House No. 36 shines as a beacon of innovative design, promoting natural light and ventilation through its artful construction.

House No. 16: Industrial Brick Home Transformation

House No. 16: Industrial Brick Home Transformation

House No. 16 is a stunning industrial brick home nestled in the leafy residential suburb of Damansara Heights in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. DRTAN LM Architect transformed an old 1970s bungalow into a modern haven for a young couple and their pets.

The revamped design features a 6-meter (19.7 feet) high retaining wall, vibrant garden, and expansive views, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living spaces. Explore this remarkable project that showcases the best of tropical and green architecture.

181Chambers@Semantan by Gibertandtan Design Studios

181Chambers@Semantan by Gibertandtan Design Studios

Discover 181Chambers@Semantan, an office building located in the residential neighbourhood of Damansara Heights, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Designed by Gibertandtan Design Studios in 2022, this building features an expanse of brickwork that unites the existing and new building sections and provides increased thermal mass.

Large glazed surfaces open up to a series of pocket gardens that allow for ample natural daylight and cross ventilation to the interiors. The use of passive cooling methods optimizes the building’s performance and prevents extensive use of mechanical air conditioning. 181Chambers@Semantan also incorporates a variety of ‘breakaway’ spaces such as indoor ‘lounges’, outdoor spaces, private meeting rooms, a café/bar, two pantries with terraces, and a roof-terrace for functions and events. Lastly, the interiors feature custom-made, prefabricated polished concrete plates and woodworks, artworks and furniture designed and selected by Studio Supereka, further expressing the ideas of values and solidity inherent to the firm.