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Lua House: Modern Family Retreat Architecture in Brazil

FeaturedClean, minimalist exterior with wooden canopy, paved courtyard, and lush greenery.

Step inside the Lua House, designed by Arquitetura Nacional in 2022 and located in Xangri-lá, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. This beautiful house combines volumetric design and thoughtful indoor-outdoor connectivity, providing a cozy vacation home throughout the year. The grand design features stunning wooden grid ceilings and large glass facades that enhance natural lighting and embrace lakeside views, making it an ideal gathering place for the whole family. Explore how architectural choices amplify both privacy and panoramic scenery in this modern home.

Torno Revealed: Eclectic Architecture at Its Finest

FeaturedOrnate walls, rich blues, and pops of green create a refined, cozy interior.

Discover Torno, an exquisite apartment designed by Lupettatelier in 2023, located in Torno, Italy. This real estate gem, nestled within the historic Villa Plinianina, harmoniously blends neogothic architecture with modern luxury. Experience how past elegance is intertwined with contemporary design, making it a perfect retreat for those who appreciate meticulous craftsmanship and style.

Sarnico House: A Modern Twist on Eclectic Lakeside Living

Inviting open-concept living space with modern wooden stairs, vibrant colors, and a chandelier.

Discover the reimagined Sarnico House, a period villa designed by Lupettatelier in 2023, nestled in Sarnico, Italy. This early 20th-century home, sitting quietly by Iseo Lake, showcases a refreshing blend of eclectic design and vibrant colors, influenced by the lake’s saturated hues. The renovation emphasizes a harmonious balance between the villa’s historical charm and modern flair, featuring a two-level layout with the living area downstairs and an intimate sleeping area upstairs. Perfect for those enchanted by where past meets present.