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Liminal House: West Vancouver’s Coastal Gem

FeaturedLiminal House: West Vancouver’s Coastal Gem

Set against the scenic confluence of land and sea in West Vancouver, Liminal House emerges as a testament to transitional living, expertly crafted by McLeod Bovell Modern Houses in 2022. This modern, concrete home responds to the life shift of empty nesters, capturing the essence of ‘liminal’—a place of transition and the intimate ‘in-between’ moments of life.

The house is not just a structure but a choreography of space, where movement crafts experience, and the ever-changing shoreline atmosphere breathes life into its very walls.

Eaves House: Redefining Suburban Living in Canada

Eaves House: Redefining Suburban Living in Canada

Step into a marvel of modern design at the Eaves House, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Vancouver, Canada. Renowned design studio McLeod Bovell Modern Houses crafts a masterpiece that harmoniously unites residential tranquility with the untamed beauty of a forested ravine. The house, a unique single-story estate, offers unobstructed views of English Bay, the iconic Vancouver skyline, and the lush Stanley Park peninsula.

Designed in 2021, this house takes inspiration from the panoramic surroundings, emphasizing roof forms to fit within the area’s specific design guidelines. It provides a fresh interpretation of the suburban landscape, capturing the spirit of the great outdoors, all while ensuring absolute privacy. Get ready to experience the enchanting ‘views behind views’ of the Eaves House, where the cinematic splendor of nature meets the epitome of modern architectural design.