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Residence Mr Yanto: Inside Jakarta’s Dual-Use Property Design

Spacious living room with sleek modern furnishings, wood paneling, and distinctive lighting.

Residence Mr Yanto, designed by Manna Interior in 2023, exemplifies dual functionality in Jakarta, Indonesia. This contemporary house/office blend showcases a seamless transition from cozy, private areas to dynamic, professional spaces, making it an epitome of modern living and professional elegance. Perfect for balancing business engagements with personal comfort.

Apartment Kleber: Exploring Minimalist Design in Montreuil

Bright apartment interior with orange shelving unit and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Apartment Kleber in Montreuil, France, epitomizes modern minimalism. Designed by Jean-Benoit Vétillard, this apartment seamlessly blends serene living with urban dynamics. Its spaces advocate simplicity and function, offering a refreshing perspective on urban apartment life. Through the use of light, spacious layouts, and thoughtful details, Vétillard crafts a tranquil retreat in the heart of the city.