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U.S. Bank Center: Revitalizing Seattle’s Iconic Workplace

Elegant lobby with ornate arched windows, tiled walls, and plush seating arrangements.

The U.S. Bank Center, a 44-story landmark in Seattle, Washington, has undergone a remarkable transformation thanks to the innovative design approach of SkB Architects. Formerly a retail-focused space, this post-modern building now boasts a dynamic workplace and welcoming public amenities, catering to both tenants and the surrounding community.

The heart of this revitalization lies in the reimagined Cedar Hall atrium, where an open, inviting expanse replaces the cramped confines, creating a vibrant indoor streetscape that seamlessly blends everyday routines with opportunities for exploration, relaxation, and productivity.

Brim + Crown: Reimagining Norwalk’s Historic Factory for Modern Living

FeaturedAn eclectic, high-ceilinged space with a stunning crystal chandelier, rustic wood paneling, and plush fur-covered chairs.

Brim + Crown redefines multi-unit housing by transforming the 1929 Hat Corporation factory in Norwalk, CT into a vibrant community space. Designed by Beinfield Architecture in 2020, this project seamlessly merges industrial aesthetics with modern living spaces, offering a mix of residential units, offices, retail, and leisure facilities. The design reflects a unique industrial chic, honoring its history while embracing contemporary design elements.

Novara: Exploring Luxury Living 300 Meters from the Caribbean Sea

FeaturedSleek open-plan living space with clean lines, natural light, and ocean

Discover Novara, a groundbreaking mixed-use apartment building designed by Studio 360 in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico, in 2023. This innovative project offers 16 exclusive apartments and three commercial spaces, strategically sited for supreme Caribbean Sea views and seamless integration into its surroundings. Explore how Novara redefines luxury and sustainable living.