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Villa Petra: Contemporary Elegance in Historic Modica

Modern interior with wooden accents, mezzanine, and minimalist furniture.

Villa Petra by Bomori Architetti, a vacation rental villa in Modica, Italy, merges ancient charm with contemporary design.

Originating from the early 1000s and nestled in Sicily’s historic heart, it offers a unique blend of minimalistic style and traditional Sicilian architecture, enhanced with modern furnishings and outdoor redesigns, including a serene water feature.

Casa Lo-Fi 2.0/20 by OFFLINE | officina d’ architettura

Casa Lo-Fi 2.0/20 by OFFLINE | officina d’ architettura

Introducing Casa Lo-Fi: a stunning blend of Mediterranean charm and Nordic minimalism nestled in the historic heart of Modica, Italy. This chic apartment, designed by OFFLINE | officina d’ architettura in 2020, boasts a captivating mix of colors and natural materials, resulting in an inviting, warm, and welcoming atmosphere.

Discover the thoughtful details and refined design elements that make Casa Lo-Fi truly stand out in the picturesque city known for its rich culture and Baroque architecture.