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Tiny House: Cozy & Sustainable Living in Valle de Bravo

FeaturedA modern, elevated wooden house with large windows and a spacious deck in a natural setting.

Designed by Weber Arquitectos, the Tiny House retreat in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, embodies a minimalist and efficient approach to modern living. This 2022 project, conceived as a rest house with a limited budget and construction timeline, showcases the innovative use of modular design and precast structures to create a tranquil oasis in the heart of the surrounding forest. With a focus on maximizing the limited square footage, the Tiny House prioritizes the public areas while efficiently accommodating private spaces, integrating seamlessly with the natural landscape.

Apartment with Glass Block Walls: Bright and Open Design

FeaturedA modern, open-concept interior with a striking glass block partition dividing the spaces.

Blending timeless elegance with modern functionality, the Apartment with Glass Block Walls in Prague, Czech Republic, showcases the impressive talents of Papundekl architekti. This 2022 interior design project masterfully transforms a 70’s housing estate flat into a light-filled, storage-savvy oasis. By strategically incorporating glass-block partitions, the architects have crafted a cohesive, airy atmosphere that seamlessly connects the various living spaces.

Three Pines: Modular Design Meets Chesapeake Bay Wetlands

Modern wood-clad home with asymmetrical volumes, large windows, and a covered porch.

Three Pines, a 2,100 square foot home designed by RES4, is nestled along the edge of the Chesapeake Bay wetlands in North Beach, United States. Composed of six modular boxes arranged in a courtyard hybrid layout, this house was designed with a retiring couple in mind, prioritizing aging-in-place features. By prefabricating the majority of the home off-site, the modest budget was kept in check, and the overall construction timeline was reduced to just six months.

Common Knowledge: Flexible Social Hub Redefines Music Industry

Bright, open-concept workspace with exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and modern furniture.

In London, UK, THISS Studio has designed a vibrant and flexible social hub called Common Knowledge, challenging the austerity often associated with the music industry. This modular, dynamic space facilitates knowledge sharing amongst music professionals and recording artists, featuring bespoke furniture, lighting, and shelving developed in collaboration with Mitre and Mondays. Embracing the building’s industrial heritage, the design employs a tactile palette of cork, aluminum, and sycamore to create a coworking environment that feels like a welcoming home away from home.