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Inspired Renovation: Modernizing a 1960s House in Montpellier

Sleek, modern home with open floor plan, pool, and covered outdoor living area.

Brengues Le Pavec architects have transformed a 1960s house in Montpellier, France, into a stunning Inspired Renovation. The project, designed in 2024, features a rational and flat roof typology with the potential for additional volume. The extension aims to create a living space more closely linked to the garden, composed of simple vertical and horizontal planes that open up significant glazing. Raw materials like stamped concrete and stone on the ground, coupled with warm wooden panels inside, contribute to the project’s modern and inviting aesthetic.

Urban Metamorphosis: A Loft Where Industrial Meets Mediterranean

FeaturedInviting lounge space with lush greenery, modern furniture, and earthy, textured accents.

Stepping into Urban Metamorphosis, designed by Brengues Le Pavec, unveils a loft that’s a symbiosis of industrial heritage and Mediterranean vivacity, nestled in Montpellier, France. This architectural marvel redefines loft living, blending the robustness of its original metal structure with the serenity of nature through its unique courtyards or “patios”. The design, conceived in 2024, captivates with its ingenious use of space, natural light, and integration of greenery, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.