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Shift House: Uninterrupted Views of the Western Ghats in India

FeaturedStriking modern architectural design with cantilevered levels, glass walls, and waterfall feature.

Designed by the acclaimed Atelier Design N Domain, the Shift House in Alibag, India, is a striking example of modern residential architecture. This 6,500 sq ft house, completed in 2019, seamlessly blends into the surrounding UNESCO-recognized Western Ghats and man-made lake, offering uninterrupted views. The design strategy employed by the architects ensures that the built form minimally obstructs the stunning natural landscape, creating a harmonious and transparent living experience.

Sitges House: Veronica Mimoun’s Mediterranean Masterpiece

Modern white villa with pool, outdoor lounge, and lush green surroundings.

Veronica Mimoun Studio‘s Sitges House in Spain offers a captivating blend of modern design and breathtaking coastal views. This 400 sqm residence, situated in the Can Girona urbanization, boasts 4 en-suite bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and service area, all seamlessly integrated with the surrounding golf course and sea views. The home’s Mortex paving and custom-designed elements, including a striking lobby with a Nani Marquina carpet, create a harmonious and visually appealing living space.

BGH House: Balancing Function and Comfort in an Inviting Home

Striking modern home with dramatic exterior lighting and sleek architectural features.

Designed by the renowned e.Re Studio Architects, the captivating BGH House stands tall in Bogor Regency, West Java, Indonesia. This stunning 2024 residential project showcases a harmonious blend of modern architecture and thoughtful spatial planning, seamlessly integrating with its lush, tree-lined surroundings. With a focus on balancing the interplay of light, materiality, and volume, the BGH House offers a modern living experience that is both functional and visually distinct.

Résidence de la Promenade: Cliff-Top Luxury in Québec

FeaturedSleek modern architecture with a glass-walled pool, terraced decks, and lush greenery.

Québec-based architecture firm LemayMichaud has unveiled a stunning single-family home, Résidence de la Promenade, nestled atop a dramatic cliff overlooking the St. Lawrence River and the bridges of Quebec City. Designed in 2022, this contemporary house seamlessly blends its exterior and interior, offering its residents panoramic views and an exceptional living environment.