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Passive Lab House: Sustainable Tropical Modernist Design

Striking modern architecture with textured concrete facades and lush tropical landscaping.

Designed by the renowned firm RAD+ar, the Passive Lab House in South Tangerang City, Indonesia, is a captivating exploration of tropical passive design in a postmodern urban context. This experimental house employs innovative techniques, such as overlapping void spaces, reflective pools, and strategically placed skylights, to create a comfortable microclimate without relying on active systems. The project’s thoughtful integration of biophilic and tropical elements within a contemporary design language offers a promising solution to the challenges posed by unplanned urbanization.

DO DID Villa: Innovative House Design by L.E.D Architects

FeaturedModern, sleek residential home with large windows, landscaped garden, and paved walkway.

The DO DID Villa, designed by L.E.D Architects, is a captivating modern house located in Sisara, Iran, completed in 2022. Inspired by the surrounding landscape of the sea and forest, the villa’s design seamlessly integrates the interior and exterior spaces, creating a harmonious interplay between architecture and nature. With its striking black roof structure and strategically placed openings for natural ventilation and light, the DO DID Villa exemplifies a thoughtful approach to sustainable design.

Tile House: Embracing Timeless Tradition in Vietnamese Design

A modern brick building with distinctive angled roofing and two people walking on the pavement in front.

The Bloom Architects, a renowned design firm based in Vietnam, has unveiled their latest masterpiece – the captivating Tile House. This innovative residential project, completed in 2023, showcases a harmonious blend of traditional elements and modern design aesthetics.

Strategically located in the picturesque region of Bao Loc, the Tile House seamlessly integrates with the local climate, utilizing tile as a versatile material to create a comfortable, energy-efficient living space. Designed with the needs of a warm, emotional family in mind, this unique house combines privacy, natural ventilation, and a touch of nostalgia to provide a serene sanctuary amidst the challenges of the region’s harsh weather conditions.

BK House: Harmonious Blend of Modern Design and Feng Shui

FeaturedA modern residential building with a sleek, minimalist design, featuring a pool and lush greenery.

BK House, a stunning family home in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, showcases the harmonious blend of modern architecture and traditional feng shui principles. Designed by the acclaimed Bangkok-based studio ANONYM, this 1,200-square-metre residence features a captivating square-shaped plan, thoughtfully positioned to respect the client’s feng shui requirements.

The designers’ approach of translating ancient Chinese principles into a tropical context has resulted in a warm, light-filled space that seamlessly integrates nature and modern living.