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A Timeless Contrast: Seamless Interior Renovation of a Montreal Apartment

Minimalist staircase design with glass panels, open plan kitchen-dining area, hardwood flooring.

This residential project in Montreal, Canada, designed by ARCHITEM Wolff Shapiro Kuskowski architectes, showcases a remarkable harmony between the old and the new. Nestled within the iconic Habitat 67 housing complex, the apartment’s interior renovation pays homage to its unique history through a timeless contrast of materials and forms. The meticulous attention to detail, such as the seamless flow between spaces and the integration of functional elements, creates a cohesive and inviting living experience.

House on the Outer Beach: Vacation Getaway on Cape Cod

FeaturedModern coastal home with wood siding, balcony, and stone path leading to porch.

This vacation home on the Outer Beach of Cape Cod, designed by 1100 Architect in 2018, showcases a harmonious blend of modern architecture and the natural surroundings.

Set on a hillside planted with native vegetation, the house features an upper volume clad in cedar shingles and a lower volume composed of mahogany siding, echoing the New England vernacular. The open-plan interiors maximize spatial flexibility and offer sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean.

House 018: Sustainable Architecture Meets Stunning Scenery

Modern, minimalist home with large glass windows, covered patio, and natural landscaping.

Connect Homes‘ stunning House 018, located in the picturesque town of Santa Ynez, California, is a true architectural masterpiece. Designed in 2018, this contemporary house showcases the firm’s innovative approach to residential design, blending sleek lines, ample natural light, and seamless indoor-outdoor living. With its thoughtful layout and carefully curated furnishings, House 018 offers a harmonious balance between form and function, catering to the needs of modern homeowners seeking a refined and comfortable living experience.