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Flesaasveien: Elegant Timber Villas Nestled in Oslo

Modern wooden and glass exterior with a spacious deck and lush garden surroundings.

Oslotre Arkitekter‘s two-villa project on Flesaasveien in Oslo, Norway, showcases a harmonious blend of contemporary design and seamless integration with the surrounding landscape. Boasting a simple yet striking architectural approach, the villas feature a combination of curves and straight lines, offering a refreshing and modern aesthetic. Carefully designed to preserve views from the existing house while providing privacy, the properties maximize natural light and scenic vistas towards the distant fjord.

Lake Tai Villa: A Modern Oasis Bridging East and West

Modern open-concept kitchen with sleek marble countertops, wooden cabinetry, and minimalist furnishings.

Lake Tai Villa, designed by Zhang Haihua of Z+H Interior Design, embodies a fusion of traditional oriental aesthetics with modernist principles. Located near China’s Lake Tai in Jiangsu Province, this house boasts over 1,000 square meters of intricately designed space, focusing on the serene interplay between indoor and outdoor living. The property’s central courtyard and its seamless integration into the natural surroundings offer a peaceful retreat, redefining contemporary luxury living.