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Artist’s Retreat: Exploring GLUCK+’s Wood-Clad Cubes in NY

FeaturedModern, minimalist architectural design with sleek, rectangular structures amidst lush greenery.

Nestled in a serene land conservancy, the Artist’s Retreat by GLUCK+ in New York, United States, showcases a captivating multi-unit housing design. This collection of wood-clad cubes strategically aligns with the sloped terrain, blending seamlessly into the agricultural landscape.

Designed in 2014, the retreat’s simple yet striking silhouettes pay homage to the utilitarian barn structures that dot the local area, creating a visually arresting and functional living and working space for a photographer.

Foyer – Coworking Space: Transforming Prague’s Creative Hub

FeaturedA modern industrial-style loft with exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and artistic decor.

The Foyer – Coworking Space in Prague, Czech Republic, designed by mar.s architects, is a multifunctional hub that seamlessly combines industrial style, deep design, and a calm atmosphere for focused work. This 2023 project redefines the traditional concept of a foyer, transforming it into a dynamic workspace that serves as a showroom, coworking space, and occasional event venue.