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Casa Albor: Reviving Tradition with Modern Design in Spain

Contemporary living room with exposed stone wall and sleek furnishings.

Casa Albor, a striking house in Pontevedra, Spain, exemplifies a flawless union of historic charm and contemporary grace. Designed by Paco Galiñanes Studio in 2023, this renovated real estate marvel showcases the beauty of original stone walls while infusing modern design comforts across its three floors. Perfect for architecture and interior design enthusiasts, the project is a testament to thoughtful preservation and innovative living space design.

Andrés Muruais Apartment: A Modern Family Home in Pontevedra

Minimalist living room with white walls, exposed beams, and large windows.

Discover the Andrés Muruais Apartment in Pontevedra, Spain, designed by Nan arquitectos in 2023. This apartment, crafted for a couple, a baby, and two dogs, masterfully combines historical elements with modern design practices to create an open, fluid living space. Featuring a unique “U” shaped floor plan and a harmonious color palette of white and gray, the design promotes spaciousness while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic across all areas.

Casa Máxima: Modern Living in Spain’s Galician Countryside

Modern courtyard with geometric design, green lawn, and a person walking.

Casa Máxima, designed by Gramática Arquitectónica in 2019, stands as a modern architectural marvel in Pontevedra, Spain. Perfectly adapted to the unique ‘minifundio’ land patterns of the rururban Galician landscape, this house showcases a one-floor design that masterfully manipulates light and shadow.

The property’s layout, reminiscent of a comic strip, features rooms each telling their own story. The meticulously crafted garden extends the seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, with the grey granite stone exteriors and a cedar centerpiece in the kitchen echoing the beauty and tradition of its surroundings.