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Inside CuE-1/6: Portal 92’s Green Design Revolution

FeaturedInside CuE-1/6: Portal 92’s Green Design Revolution

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the CuE-1/6 house by Portal 92, a contemporary home nestled within the lush greens of the Jaypee Golf Course in Greater Noida, India. This private residence, redesigned in 2022, presents a harmonious blend of nature and architecture, with its design elements inviting, observing, capturing, and framing the surrounding environment. The exterior, a sophisticated interplay of steel and aluminium, masks the structural framing system, while the interior houses a wild courtyard, a dense forest within the built structure.

Each space within the house offers varied experiences, exposed to the vast manicured greens of the golf course and overlooking the wild courtyard. The CuE-1/6 house, a testament to the design prowess of Portal 92, is more than a residence—it’s an observatory, romancing the landscape around it, and allowing it to percolate within.

Muzaffarnagar’s Hem House: A Functional Yet Calming Retreat

Muzaffarnagar’s Hem House: A Functional Yet Calming Retreat

Hem House, designed by Portal 92 in 2022, is located in the bustling town of Muzaffarnagar, India.

This residential-refurbishment and redevelopment project spans an area of 3400 sqm (3,400 sqm). The façade was cleverly reconfigured to give the two asymmetrical residential structures an illusion of oneness. An imposing portico greets visitors as they approach the Hem House and leads into the central common space. The stone and wooden louver details have been carefully designed to imbibe lightness, warmth and create a sense of organized asymmetry. On the exterior, a horizontal stone volume with plants flowing through it serves as an extended balcony and recreational sit-out area.

This house is a face-lift of its former self, crafted with revived meaning, to cohabitate in harmony.