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Casa JIMA: Querétaro’s Modern Retreat

FeaturedCasa JIMA: Querétaro’s Modern Retreat

Casa JIMA, a 2023 architectural masterpiece in Jurica, Querétaro City, Mexico, reflects modern elegance and tranquility. Designed by Anonimous, this two-story house uniquely opens to a lush central garden, nestled amidst towering trees. Featuring luxurious Santo Tomás marble and Mexican oak, it epitomizes natural beauty.

Casa JIMA seamlessly combines public and private spaces, catering to a family’s love for nature, design, and peaceful living.

Casa Prisma: Geometric Elegance in Querétaro City

Casa Prisma: Geometric Elegance in Querétaro City

Discover Casa Prisma in Querétaro City, Mexico, a 2022 masterpiece by Rafael Martínez Saucedo. This contemporary house, designed with expansive lots and unique perimeter restrictions in mind, stands out with its pronounced geometric silhouette and purposeful visibility on all facades. The design masterfully merges indoor and outdoor spaces, offering breathtaking views and a cleverly veiled interior.

Inside, the social areas flow seamlessly, featuring varied ceiling heights and an intermediate-level home cinema, culminating in the primary bedrooms on the first level. Casa Prisma exemplifies elegant simplicity and thoughtful architectural innovation.

Casa San Ángel: Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

FeaturedCasa San Ángel: Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Discover the harmonious blend of urban sophistication and natural tranquility at Casa San Ángel, the latest marvel from Miguel Concha Arquitectura in Querétaro City, Mexico. This house redefines modern living with a layout that honors both functional design and the serene beauty of its locale.

Respecting the legacy of its towering trees and embracing the region’s balmy climate, Casa San Ángel emerges as a beacon of light and airiness. Here, green mosaic floors lead to a central courtyard that becomes the heart of the home, infusing every room with natural light and fresh air. Striking a balance between minimalist concrete and vibrant flora, the residence offers an unbroken flow of space that changes with the sliding of a window, connecting the indoors with the azure expanse above.