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Feline Chalet: A Modern Refuge Amidst Collingwood’s Snowy Peaks

Modern, geometric cabin nestled in a snowy forest, warm lights glowing through its angular windows.

Feline Chalet, designed by Atelier RZLBD in 2024, is a stunning house located in Collingwood, Canada. It stands as a modern refuge, cleverly arranged into three structures to capture the beauty of the surrounding mountains and optimize natural lighting. Each structure, the “hut,” “bridge,” and “cave,” serves a distinct purpose, blending seamlessly with the landscape to create a harmonious living space.

Dante House: Integrating Exposed Concrete with Nature in Brasília

FeaturedA modern concrete and wood structure with overhead canopy and integrated lighting.

Dante House in Brasília, Brazil, is a masterful creation by BLOCO Arquitetos, unveiled in 2023. This house, featuring an ingenious L-shaped plan and an exposed concrete roof, showcases an interior where natural light and open spaces reign supreme. Its design not only respects the surrounding landscape but also elevates the living experience, making it a standout project in modern Brazilian residential architecture.