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Taormina Infinity Suites: Luxury Accommodation in Italy

Luxurious bedroom with plush curtains, modern lighting fixtures, and sleek furniture.

Discover the epitome of luxury and relaxation at the Taormina Infinity Suites, a stunning hotel project designed by the renowned architect Andrea Abbadessa in the heart of Taormina, Italy. This exceptional development features five meticulously crafted suites, each offering a sublime living experience catering to couples and families seeking the ultimate in comfort and exclusivity.

Boasting an infinity pool on the terrace and an array of premium services, the Taormina Infinity Suites provide an oasis of style and tranquility, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the captivating beauty and vibrant culture that Sicily has to offer.

Residence Pontiac: Modernizing a Plateau Mont-Royal Home

A modern structure with glass panels stands atop a row of historic brick buildings, complementing the urban landscape.

Residence Pontiac, a charming house in Montreal, Canada, designed by acclaimed architect Alexandre Bernier. Nestled in the vibrant Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood, this 2018 renovation project seamlessly blends contemporary design with the building’s historic roots.

Featuring an innovative rooftop terrace and open-concept living spaces, RĂ©sidence Pontiac offers its occupants a serene, authentic retreat amidst the city’s bustling energy.

Large House Rethink: Revamped Oceanfront Home in Fire Island

FeaturedSleek, modern architecture featuring extensive glass panels, wood siding, and an inviting pool.

Bromley Caldari Architects‘ recent project, the Large House Rethink, showcases a comprehensive renovation and enlargement of an oceanfront house on Fire Island, New York. This 2022 design transformed the property, raising the entire structure to comply with FEMA floodplain regulations, while also recladding the building, replacing fenestration, and completely redesigning the interior. The result is a bold, bright, and light-filled house tailored for entertaining and beachside living.