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Bridgehampton Beach House: Oceanfront Living Reimagined

Modern luxury villa with infinity pool, covered patio, and panoramic ocean views.

In the coastal community of Bridgehampton, United States, a formally innovative home by Steven Harris Architects redefines oceanfront living. Referencing the work of modernist masters like Oscar Niemeyer and Roberto Burle Marx, this 2022 house strategically places its public spaces on the second floor to maximize panoramic ocean views, while a sculptural pavilion-turned-reflecting-pool draws the sea even closer. Sustainable materials, energy-efficient design, and integrated landscaping make this Bridgehampton Beach House a celebration of art, nature, and responsible architecture.

Parsons House: Breathtaking Views and Sustainable Design

A modern, beautifully designed house nestled among lush greenery, featuring striking architectural elements and illuminated interiors.

Situated atop Mt Pleasant in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Parsons House is a private residence designed by the talented team at MC Architecture Studio. Completed in 2021, this captivating home seamlessly blends into the existing dense foliage, offering a sense of seclusion and privacy while boasting expansive views over the estuary and the city beyond.

The two-winged design pivots around the heart of the home, creating a protective shelter from the southern environment while embracing the northern sun and panoramic vistas. With a focus on high-performance features, this residence showcases a harmonious balance of sleek, metallic surfaces and soft, timber elements, resulting in a truly remarkable architectural masterpiece.

Shift House: Striking Modernist Design in Toronto, Canada

Contemporary home with wooden accents, expansive windows, and a minimalist design aesthetic.

In Toronto’s leafy neighborhoods, a modern marvel stands in contrast to the surrounding faux-historical homes. Shift House, designed by renowned architecture firm Dubbeldam Architecture + Design, is a striking two-story residence that celebrates the interplay of interior and exterior spaces. Featuring a bold, stepped fa├žade with contrasting charcoal and warm cedar cladding, the 300-square-meter home offers its occupants a meaningful connection to the outdoors through strategic spatial arrangements, ample glazing, and thoughtful landscaping.