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House LW27: Munich’s Latest Architectural Masterpiece by Stephan Lang

A modern, multi-level home with a sleek exterior, lush landscaping, and a tranquil pool.

Unveiling House LW27, Stephan Maria Lang‘s 2023 marvel in Munich, Germany, this residence redefines luxury house living. Embracing zero-seal architecture, it features an innovative rooftop garden and seamless indoor/outdoor transitions. Boasting an open floor plan and a unique light feature by Bartenbach Light, House LW27 exhibits a minimalistic yet sensual atmosphere, setting a new standard in high-class residential design.

House L011: Crafting Light, Space, and Family Harmony in Munich

FeaturedContemporary house with wooden slats, glass facade, and green lawn.

Discover House L011 by Stephan Maria Lang, a 2019 architectural jewel located in Munich, Germany. This innovative house perfectly marries the raw beauty of nature with the needs of a modern patchwork family. With an emphasis on natural light and raw materials, the design exhibits a seamless flow between the interior and the verdant surroundings, creating a unique living experience that’s both elegant and intimately connected with nature.