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Gray House: Poland’s Modern Architectural Marvel in Świerczyniec

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Designed by RS+ Robert Skitek in 2021, the Gray House is a modern architectural gem located in Świerczyniec, Poland. This house showcases a monochromatic color scheme, an L-shaped layout for privacy, and smart orientation to maximize sunlight in the garden and terrace areas. The design seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a cohesive and tranquil living environment.

Gray House: A Modern Sanctuary with a Hidden Garden

Gray House: A Modern Sanctuary with a Hidden Garden

Introducing the captivating Gray House, a modern gem tucked away in Świerczyniec, Poland! Designed by the talented RS+ Robert Skitek, this stunning residence boasts a sleek gable roof and an L-shaped layout that ingeniously conceals the garden zone from the street.

The strategic placement of the building ensures the terrace basks in the sun’s early rays, making it perfect for outdoor relaxation. Gray House’s sophisticated monochromatic design is complemented by warm wooden accents and environmentally-friendly landscaping that enriches the local biosphere.