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F76 Apartment: Innovative Family Apartment in Tallinn

Sleek, modern interior with minimal furnishings, wood paneling, and minimalist decor.

Explore the sophisticated world of the F76 Apartment, meticulously designed by DA Bureau in 2023. Situated in Tallinn, Estonia, this apartment marvelously combines privacy with open communal spaces. It features a striking blend of natural wood and modern steel accents in a geometrically intriguing space that boasts both functionality and aesthetic appeal. From the master bedroom that seamlessly joins to a master bathroom and dressing room, to a state-of-the-art study area perfect for gaming, every detail emphasizes comfort and style.

Cliff Modular House: Unique Prefabricated Design from Estonia

Cliff Modular House: Unique Prefabricated Design from Estonia

Discover the Cliff Modular House, a unique prefabricated and fully modular home designed by Compactliving.ee that is deliverable all around the world. Perfect for a romantic weekend away, rent it out on Airbnb, or even accommodate larger groups for ski-resorts, Cliff Modular House is suitable for different climate areas. With smaller measurements of the building and smart-home technology for a more eco-friendly approach, you’ll be sure to enjoy a comfortable stay and plenty of space.