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Harudot by Nana Coffee Roasters: Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Japanese-inspired Design

Dramatic triangular structures with warm interior lighting against a night sky.

Harudot, a captivating café nestled in the beachside town of Tambon Samet, Thailand, is the latest creation of IDIN Architects. Designed in 2023, this stand-alone restaurant showcases a harmonious blend of Japanese-inspired simplicity and a unique connection to nature.

With its gable-roofed architecture and the integration of a striking baobab tree, Harudot invites visitors to experience a “new beginning” and “growth” through its carefully curated design.

Recontruction of an Apartment in Prague: Enfilade Layout for Spacious Living

Minimalist living room with built-in shelves, leather furniture, and herringbone flooring.

The Recontruction of an Apartment in Prague by ATELIER 111 architekti showcases a stunning transformation of a historic 20th-century apartment in the heart of the Czech capital. Spanning an entire floor, this generous living space combines a modern, open-concept design with the apartment’s original character, featuring a seamless enfilade, a vibrant quartzite kitchen island, and a central circular dining table that anchors the entire layout. Elegant brass accents and a cohesive ivory color palette tie together the apartment’s blend of contemporary and traditional elements.

BH Apartment: Timeless Elegance Amidst Kyiv’s Classical Architecture

Elegant living room with ornate crown molding, large windows, and eclectic furnishings.

Amidst the backdrop of Ukraine’s wartime challenges, the BH Apartment in Kyiv stands as a testament to the resilience of design. Crafted by the renowned Modektura Studio, this classical-inspired apartment seamlessly blends timeless elegance with mid-century modern charm. Situated within a historic 1900s building, the BH Apartment boasts a spacious corridor-gallery, a loggia, and a balcony that serve as the project’s architectural cornerstones, creating a cohesive and sophisticated living experience.