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The Boulevard: Embracing Nature in Ivanhoe

A modern, tropical-inspired home with lush landscaping, clean lines, and large windows.

The Boulevard, a stunning four-bedroom house designed by Archier in Ivanhoe, Australia, seamlessly integrates with its surrounding Yarra Flats parklands. Embracing the site’s steep topography, this predominantly underground dwelling maximizes the landscape, concealing its structure and extending the natural environment into the home. With an emphasis on sustainability and connection to nature, The Boulevard offers a spacious and efficient living experience for its family of five.

The House Under the Ground: Blending Architecture and Nature in the Netherlands

FeaturedSleek, modern structure nestled in lush greenery, with expansive glass windows offering scenic views.

Tucked away in the rolling hills of the Netherlands, the House Under the Ground by WillemsenU Architecten offers a unique and innovative residential design. This 2023 project seamlessly blends into the natural landscape, with a portion of the structure buried beneath the ground to minimize impact.

Featuring an intriguing curved roof and a glass lift that reveals the home’s vertical stacking, the House Under the Ground provides a peaceful retreat for its owners, offering stunning views and a harmonious connection to the surrounding nature.