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Copper Blockhouse: Wutopia Lab’s Multi-functional Spiritual Fortress

Copper Blockhouse: Wutopia Lab’s Multi-functional Spiritual Fortress

Experience the Copper Blockhouse, a unique architectural marvel by Wutopia Lab, nestled in Shanghai’s creative industry park.

Constructed in 2023, this multi-functional structure is built in a powerful nautical and industrial design style, serving as a spiritual fortress amid Shanghai’s bustling cityscape. Featuring a robust copper exterior and a versatile stainless-steel interior, this blockhouse brings together strength, functionality, and minimalist beauty in one compelling design.

The Hiding House by Wutopia Lab

FeaturedThe Hiding House by Wutopia Lab

Welcome to a journey through the marvel of modern Chinese architecture, nestled in the heart of Shanghai. Wutopia Lab, renowned for their innovative design approach, invites you into the world of The Hiding House. This exquisite masterpiece of luxury home design is a testament to the transformative power of architecture, blurring the boundaries between private and public, real and fictitious, creating a multi-dimensional space that stimulates the senses.

The Hiding House is more than just a residence; it’s an eclectic fusion of a library, a showroom, a museum, and a clubhouse, reflecting the vibrant and complex nature of life. Dive into the rich narrative of this six-year-long project that is sure to leave you intrigued and inspired.