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Stone House by MM++ Architects / Mimya

Located in Nha Trang, a sea side city of Vietnam’s south east coast, this vacation villa has a very privileged location. Carved into the hill, the site of 500 sqm enjoys a unique ocean view, overlooking the bay and mountains in the background. The goal was to find solutions at early stage of the conception to optimize this viewing experience and manage the high constructions density of this residential area in the future.


The overall design put the accent on the simplicity of the construction shapes, the use of raw and natural materials and some innovative interior functions. Also, the contrast between the brutalist influences of the main construction and the interiors carefully crafted is intense. The visitors experience, when coming inside, is real.

The property is accessible from the back street, on the upper part of the site. Consisting of a wall of coarsely carved sculptural stones, in reference to the very rocky immediate environment, the facade on the street is completely opaque. It ensures privacy and orients radically the villa towards the sea. The sets of shadows and lights on the granite blocks array add drama effect and create a strong impression at the arrival from the street, day and night.

An outdoor staircase leads to the ground floor. The space is fully open thanks to the structure design which has allowed to remove all front columns except 2 supports integrated into the windows frame. Kitchen and technical spaces are kept in the back, the panoramic view is unobstructed.

With the large windows opened, Indoors and outdoors are in perfect spatial continuity. The Sala has been recessed on ground level to keep the view cleared while the infinity pool connects the sky and the scenery with the place.

The sculptural spiral stair, placed in central position, is the focal point of the interior design, visually strong enough to do the balance with the ocean view’s natural attraction.

Depending on the needs of the individuals and families, the first floor can be totally modulated with moving sliding timber walls. From a space fully opened to a floor split into multiple combinations with a maximum of 3 air-conditioned bedrooms, each with open-to-sky bathroom. This playful system was implemented in order to be able to maximize the views and interactions. Oiled timber is the dominant material, offering cozy and luxurious look and feel, in contrast with the raw cut stone blocks of the bathrooms.

The master bedroom has been designed with a retractable glass loggia motorized. In extended position, the house disappears in the back and the “sea-scene” viewing experience under the stars is total.

In contrast with the simplicity of the construction shapes, the multiples esthetic’s effects and functional’s elements create a strong impression while the first value of the villa is the beauty of the scenery you can enjoy from every corner.

Photography courtes of MM++ Architects / Mimya

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- by Matt Watts