TLV Sky Apartment by Henkin Irit & Shavit Zohar

Designed in 2018 by Henkin Irit & Shavit Zohar, this modern apartment is located in the Shahar Tower in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Interior design and planning for a residential apartment which was created by joining to adjacent apartments.

The apartment is located on the 43rd floor in one of three of the tallest buildings in Israel which contains both office and residential spaces. The building dubbed ‘Shahar Tower’, is a new building built at the crossroads of three cities: Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Giv’atayim. The urban location of the property serves as a central transportation artery including The Ayalon Highway which crosses Tel Aviv from north to south and Israel Railway lines which run in parallel.
The apartment while still ‘on paper’, was planned by Irit Henkin and Zohar Shavit from ‘Shavit-Henkin Studios’, focused on two central characteristics – the first being the breathtaking urban view as well as the Tel Aviv coastline, the second being the exterior circular curtain wall which envelops the western and southern segments of the apartment.

The couple who purchased both apartments are ardent readers, book lovers as well as manuscript collectors and purchased the properties with dual programmatic intent – both as a place of residence and work. The design concept reacted to these two fields of interest – the first manifesting itself in the ‘line’ which characterizes writing, the second manifestation is the ‘shelf’ and the ‘cabinet’ which are vital to the display and storage of books.

The larger apartment which has an area of 95 sqm contains the public spaces including the living room, kitchen, dining area as well as the master bedroom which includes a shower and a guest bathroom.

The residential space as a whole creates a dialogue between both these concepts using two materials/elements – the first being metal shelves painted white which span the entire apartment and serve as a display for books and decorative items alike. The second being a wooden cabinet with a walnut veneer finish which acts as a unifying element of both apartments and accompanies people as they move along the axis leading from one apartment to the other. This piece serves as a wardrobe in the master bedroom and flows into the office space where it serves as a functional storage unit.

Photography by Assaf Pinchuk

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- by Matt Watts