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One of the biggest players in the Slovakian IT business went through some major changes during 2018. The largest hosting service provider has become a member of the international group and outgrew its offices not only physically but also mentally. That directed them toward moving straight into the newly developing business district in Bratislava – Mlynské Nivy. The design of the new work environment was orchestrated by the Prague based Studio Perspektiv. The task was stated clearly – to create offices that will support company culture and serve as an exceptional event space.

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One can surrender to WebSupport’s strong visual style and communication through blogs or podcasts very easily. Architects decided not to resist either. They built the workspace the same way as a computer motherboard – a base to all things digital. Each functioning part is implemented within a neutral palette of shared spaces. Every section was assigned one colour based on brand identity graphics by Pavel Novak. Hue gradients and infinity mirrors full of neon reflections give rooms a specific depth of a comic book picture.

Business / Casual

Even the passers-by can see at a first sight that the new dwellers on the 3rd floor are far from ordinary. One feels the open minded approach of WebSupport even before crossing the doorstep. The view of the main meeting room and the comfortable work lounge with wood cladding belong to one of the two shared relaxing zones. The space is arranged with intuition in mind – the main corridor naturally invites visitors to the event area which is directly connected to the terrace. The central “living room” next to the terrace can be transformed into a welcoming event space. The large dining table has become a meeting point for shared breakfasts and lunches since the first day. Materials such as spruce lathes, untreated metal sheet countertops or an open ceiling suppress the perception of the formal business environment created by the building.

The main goal of architects was to provide a relaxed atmosphere of a family house, to which all of the employees were originally used to.

Photography by BoysPlayNice

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- by Matt Watts