How tо Design Your Kitchen for Summer

If you are looking into Kitchen design, it’s time to think about how your kitchen will function during the summer. Cooking in summer means managing the heat in the kitchen and simplifying your recipes. Maybe you are seeking to step away from the stove or lose the motivation to cook in the kitchen during the summertime. Perhaps you favor lighter meals, and only use the kitchen sparingly. Or maybe your summer plans simply involve being out of the house more often and your time for cooking in the kitchen is limited.

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The best kitchen designs can accommodate any season and are built with the homeowner in mind. A kitchen design for a household of four will vary greatly from the kitchen design for someone who lives in an apartment, and the kitchen design for a family with kids will differ in design from the kitchen designs for those without kids. Professional kitchen designers can help to accommodate any situation and plan out a kitchen layout that best fits your needs and budget. With quality design and architecture, your kitchen can become an inviting and practical space for everyone at any time of the year.

Here are five elements of kitchen design that can transform your kitchen to counter the summer heatwaves.

Design Colors

Make your kitchen as welcoming as possible in summer by selecting colors to match the season. Choose lighter woods and countertop surfaces to bring in a clean and airy appearance to the kitchen space. For the trim and cabinet design, white or light wood colors will serve best. Lighter blues for cabinets and decoration will pair well with this color palette, and provide a cooler finish. Look for sleeker silvers for appliances rather than a black or darker grey.

Kitchen Lighting

This tip is directly tied into design colors and can help to make your kitchen become a more welcoming space during the summer. Kitchen lighting is divided into two major categories: task lighting and natural lighting. Task lighting is the lighting that covers your major appliances and work stations. This includes the sink, the stove, and the larger areas of open countertop. Natural lighting can be built into your kitchen with careful design plans and will make the biggest difference in switching up your kitchen’s design for summer. Windows in a more open floor plan space or a skylight can directly provide this form of lighting.

Ventilation System

What keeps most people out of the kitchen during the summer? The heat. Designing your kitchen for summer means managing the heat so that the kitchen becomes a more comfortable space. The best way to keep your kitchen from getting stuffy during the summer is to install a
high quality system for ventilation, particularly around the stove. Open floor plans that connect the kitchen to the larger living room space are a sure way to keep the air moving throughout the space, and maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning or home cooling system.

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Make Space for Smaller Appliances

During the summer months, you are less likely to heat up the oven or stove. As a result, you may find yourself using a larger variety of smaller appliances. Kitchen designs can accommodate and find room for these smaller appliances, so that they are always on hand when you need them. Perhaps you use a small ice maker, but struggle to find countertop space for it that maintains a minimalist feel. Building in a storage solution specifically for this appliance can boost the organization and appearance of your kitchen throughout the summer.

Seasonal Decoration

If you aren’t looking to build a kitchen from the ground up, but still want to change up your kitchen for summer, there are a number of decorative solutions that can provide a refreshing display. Look into adding plants or herbs to the kitchen countertops, particularly for windowsills or around the sink.

Choose decorations that can fit the summer color schemes, particularly with natural white, light wood, or sky blue finishes. There are also a seemingly endless number of options available for summer themed towels and kitchen rugs. Make sure to consider all the possibilities for refreshing your kitchen- kitchen design and planning often comes down to the smaller details.

Outdoor Kitchens

Looking for a serious summertime upgrade for your kitchen? Consider designs for an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are the best way to integrate a summertime cooking favorite: the grill. Though most outdoor kitchens favor more high end designs, there are a variety of innovative solutions to build up an outdoor cooking experience.

What are the Benefits of the Outdoor Kitchen?

The outdoor kitchen is the ultimate heat solution for the summer- cooking on the stove without heating up the house can not only be comfortable, but can save on utilities. A full size outdoor kitchen is a fantastic space for entertaining summer guests while still enjoying the summer weather. There are plenty of options for building out the outdoor kitchen, and many elaborate setups include shaded patios or pergolas complete with couches and other types of outdoor seating. The stylistic features of an outdoor kitchen can vary greatly- make sure to plan accordingly.

Optional features for the outdoor kitchen include a built-in cooler or ice tray for drinks, cabinets for cookware storage, and bar-style seating. In any situation, make sure to include lighter countertop colors, to prevent heat from building up on the countertop from the direct sunlight.

The outdoor kitchen can transform your patio into one of the best summer living spaces in your home.

Conclusion — How to Design Your Kitchen for Summer

If you are considering redesigning your kitchen, make sure that the designs for your new kitchen include a few solutions for tackling the summer heat waves. A Denver kitchen design company can build in features for your space that match all your summertime needs, all while keeping a stylish appearance throughout your home. The kitchen is an important part of any home, but with custom kitchen designs, it can become your favorite room in the entire house.

- by Matt Watts