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Convent of the Sacred Heart Library: Restoring Historic Charm

Ornate wood-paneled library with modern furnishings and bookshelves covering the walls.

The Convent of the Sacred Heart Library in New York City has undergone a stunning refurbishment by 1100 Architect, blending modern design elements with the historic character of the early 20th-century landmarked building.

This library, part of an all-girls K-12 school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, now features a welcoming environment with the strategic use of color, texture, and pattern. Modular furniture allows for versatile group and individual study settings, while naturally lit nooks provide spaces for focused learning. The project is part of an ongoing collaboration between 1100 Architect and Convent of the Sacred Heart, which also includes the recent design of a new Future Lab and Makerspace.

House in Amagansett: Serene Coastal Retreat by 1100 Architect

A modern, minimalist-style building with a wooden staircase leading to its entrance, surrounded by lush vegetation.

Designed by 1100 Architect, this house in Amagansett, New York, offers a serene retreat from the bustling city. The renovation of the existing 1973 cottage preserves the property’s original charm while introducing a more contemporary layout and outdoor living spaces, including a new pool and deck.

Situated in the grassy dunes of the eastern end of Long Island, this single-family home showcases a harmonious blend of traditional and modern design elements.

House on the Outer Beach: Vacation Getaway on Cape Cod

FeaturedModern coastal home with wood siding, balcony, and stone path leading to porch.

This vacation home on the Outer Beach of Cape Cod, designed by 1100 Architect in 2018, showcases a harmonious blend of modern architecture and the natural surroundings.

Set on a hillside planted with native vegetation, the house features an upper volume clad in cedar shingles and a lower volume composed of mahogany siding, echoing the New England vernacular. The open-plan interiors maximize spatial flexibility and offer sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean.