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Villa Vela: Reimagining Lakeside Living in Torri del Benaco

Modern lakeside villa with stone fa├žade, glass balcony, and expansive lawn overlooking mountains.

Blending contemporary elegance with timeless regional elements, Villa Vela in Torri del Benaco, Italy, showcases the exceptional design prowess of a3lier architettura. This striking house, built in 2023, features a unique interplay of pure volumes, robust stone walls, and sleek metal accents that seamlessly integrate with the picturesque Lake Garda landscape. Designed as a semi-detached villa, the project presents a thoughtful balance of modern and traditional architectural approaches, creating a captivating residential gem.

Blackbird Living: A Modern Oasis in Turin’s Revitalized Aurora

Modernist kitchen with open layout, glass partitions, and natural light from outdoor view.

Located in Turin, Italy’s multicultural Aurora district, the Blackbird Living apartment is a 2018 masterpiece by a3lier architettura. Transforming a once-neglected space into a beacon of modern living, this apartment artfully combines historic charm with contemporary design. From double-height living spaces offering serene garden views to sleek, functional interiors, it embodies urban rejuvenation.

Casa Ned: Inside the Dynamic, Light-Filled Turin Apartment

Stylishly furnished living room with modern furniture, bookshelves, and parquet flooring.

Casa Ned, designed by A3lier Architettura in 2022, redefines apartment living in Turin, Italy, with its innovative open design. This corner apartment in the Santa Rita area combines light, space, and modern materials like iron, glass, and parquet to create a dynamic and flexible living area that feels like a loft. Key features include a spacious living room with sweeping city views and custom-designed furnishings that enhance functionality without compromising style.