Villa Vela: Reimagining Lakeside Living in Torri del Benaco

Blending contemporary elegance with timeless regional elements, Villa Vela in Torri del Benaco, Italy, showcases the exceptional design prowess of a3lier architettura. This striking house, built in 2023, features a unique interplay of pure volumes, robust stone walls, and sleek metal accents that seamlessly integrate with the picturesque Lake Garda landscape. Designed as a semi-detached villa, the project presents a thoughtful balance of modern and traditional architectural approaches, creating a captivating residential gem.

Modern lakeside villa with stone façade, glass balcony, and expansive lawn overlooking mountains.
Modern residential architecture featuring angular steel frames, glass walls, and stone accents. Inviting outdoor patio and lush green lawn.
A minimalist dining area with a round table, black chairs, and a colorful artwork on the wall.
A modern, open-concept living space with a colorful abstract art piece, minimalist decor.
A modern dining area with a round white table, black chairs, and glass doors leading to a grassy lawn.
Modernist balcony patio with sleek black furniture and a mountain vista beyond.
A modern patio with sweeping mountain views, minimalist furniture, and a sleek glass canopy.
Modern architectural design with a concrete walkway, metal railings, and scenic lake view.
Sleek modern home with terraced landscaping, stone accents, and lake view.
Modern, minimalist house with solar panels, stone walls, and a covered terrace.
A modern, minimalist villa with a flat roof, solar panels, and a spacious balcony overlooking a lush, hilly landscape.
Modern, minimalist home with flat roofline and large windows overlooking a scenic lake and mountains.

About Villa Vela

Nestled along the picturesque lakefront of Torri del Benaco, Villa Vela is a captivating residential masterpiece that redefines the intersection of contemporary design and the region’s rich architectural heritage. Designed by the acclaimed a3lier architettura in 2023, this striking bifamiliare home is a testament to the team’s ability to craft spaces that gracefully integrate with their natural surroundings.

Embracing the Lakefront Landscape

From the moment one approaches Villa Vela, the property’s seamless integration with the breathtaking Lake Garda landscape is immediately apparent. The home’s exterior features a harmonious blend of modern materials, such as sleek glass and clean-lined concrete, juxtaposed with the warm hues and natural textures of the local stone. The carefully positioned fenestration ensures that the interiors are bathed in natural light, creating a seamless visual connection between the indoors and the lush, verdant surroundings.

Blending Tradition and Modernity

The architectural design of Villa Vela is a captivating dialogue between the region’s rich traditional elements and a contemporary aesthetic. The signature monoplanar roof, a nod to the local building vernacular, is expertly integrated with the home’s pure, volumetric forms, creating a striking visual contrast. This interplay of old and new is further emphasized through the strategic use of materials, such as the open-jointed stone walls that ground the structure, and the sleek metal accents that lend a modern edge.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

As one steps through the home’s entryway, the seamless transition from exterior to interior becomes immediately apparent. The expansive, floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows invite the breathtaking lakefront vistas to flow seamlessly into the living spaces, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. The open-plan layout and thoughtful placement of furnishings and fixtures further enhance this sense of spatial continuity, creating an inviting and cohesive environment.

A Masterful Culinary Experience

At the heart of Villa Vela’s interior lies a stunning kitchen that effortlessly combines form and function. The clean-lined cabinetry and minimalist appliances create a visual harmony, while the centrally positioned dining table serves as a gathering point for intimate meals and lively conversations. The thoughtful integration of the kitchen with the surrounding living and dining areas ensures that the culinary experience is fully integrated into the home’s overall design.

Serene Retreats and Tranquil Sanctuaries

As one explores the upper levels of Villa Vela, the home’s private retreats come into focus. The bedrooms, bathed in natural light and outfitted with a muted color palette, offer a serene sanctuary for rest and relaxation. The bathrooms, with their contemporary fixtures and luxurious finishes, further elevate the sense of refined elegance that permeates the entire residence.

A Harmonious Synthesis

Villa Vela is a remarkable achievement that seamlessly blends the region’s architectural traditions with a modern, forward-thinking design approach. The result is a harmonious synthesis of form, function, and natural harmony that invites its residents to fully immerse themselves in the breathtaking lakefront setting. From the striking exterior to the meticulously crafted interiors, this residence stands as a testament to the a3lier architettura team’s ability to create truly exceptional living spaces.

Photography courtesy of a3lier architettura
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- by Matt Watts