Attic Duplex Apartment: A Modern Minimalist Masterpiece in Prague

Discover the Attic Duplex Apartment in Prague, designed by Michaela Zahorovska. This modern minimalist masterpiece boasts innovative design, light-filled spaces, and exquisite details, offering unbeatable views and luxurious living in the heart of the city.

Minimalist attic living space with skylight and plush sofa.
Modern living room with a large blue sectional sofa, black cabinetry, and a
Sleek attic kitchen with skylights, black accents, and navy sofa
Modern kitchen with skylight, round island, and bar stools.
Sleek hallway with herringbone floor and minimalist cabinets.
Modern staircase with wooden steps, glass balustrade, and LED lighting.
Modern minimalist office interior with circular light fixture and framed artwork.
Modern bedroom with a large bed, black paneled wall, and hanging lights.
Modern bathroom with marble walls, double vanity, and black fixtures.
Modern bathroom with marble walls and glass shower enclosure.

About Attic Duplex Apartment

Experience Modern Minimalism in the Heart of Prague

The Attic Duplex Apartment, envisioned by Michaela Zahorovska, stands as a pinnacle of modern minimalism. Nestled in the dynamic city of Prague, this apartment reshapes the concept of luxury living. With its strategic location, it showcases an exclusive view of Prague’s vibrant center, encapsulating the essence of urban sophistication.

The journey into this elegant home begins with an entrance hall that speaks volumes of spaciousness. A striking light feature above the staircase not only illuminates the pathway but also accentuates the sloping ceilings, offering a glimpse of the architectural finesse that lies ahead. The integration of a lacquered wardrobe and dressing room elevates everyday convenience, blending functionality with sleek design.

The core of the Attic Duplex Apartment is the living room and kitchen area. This space is a testament to Michaela Zahorovska’s forward-thinking design philosophy. Hanging drawers and kitchen cabinets enhance the illusion of space, reflecting a commitment to innovative solutions. A meticulously crafted chevron floor with a distinct border adds an artistic touch, completing the living area’s breathtaking aesthetic.

Furnishings within the apartment, such as the Tuffty sofa, are carefully selected for comfort and luxury. Surrounded by brass lamps and a bespoke solid wood dining table with integrated storage, these choices embody the apartment’s modern minimalistic theme. Every element, down to the smallest detail, contributes to the tranquil and sophisticated ambiance.

Descending the stairs, one is greeted by the private quarters of the apartment. Here, tranquility reigns supreme in two generously sized bedrooms. These sanctuaries promise serenity and relaxation, serving as the ideal retreat from the bustling city life outside.

A Testament to Luxurious Modern Living

In essence, the Attic Duplex Apartment is more than just a residence; it is a reflection of Michaela Zahorovska’s design genius. Through a blend of light, space, and modern aesthetics, this apartment redefines the standards of luxury living in Prague. For those in search of elegance, sophistication, and a modern touch, the Attic Duplex Apartment in Prague stands as a beacon of architectural and design excellence.

Photography by Pavla Frau
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- by Matt Watts