Mountain Residence / The Peak: Elevating Hong Kong Homes to Luxurious Heights

Designed by Bean Buro in 2022, Mountain Residence / The Peak is a luxurious house in Hong Kong that redefines upscale living. Spanning 7,400 square feet, this serene home features an elegant staircase, private lounges, and an outdoor pool, all while harmoniously blending European design elements with the natural landscape.

Modern living room with minimalist decor and a lit fireplace.
Minimalist interior with sleek wooden panels and a modern black-framed door.
Minimalist home office with floating shelves and a clear desk.
Minimalist interior with curved walls, wooden cabinet, and herringbone floor.
Minimalist dining room with a round table, beige chairs, and an artistic ch
Minimalist dining space with pink chairs, white table, and decorative plants.
Modern living room with sleek furniture, a large TV, and recessed lighting.
Modern bedroom with neutral tones, built-in shelves, and a cozy nook.
Minimalist bathroom corner with cylindrical sink and round mirror.
Modern bathroom vanity with twin sinks, large mirror, and wall-mounted faucets.

About Mountain Residence / The Peak

A Masterpiece of Design and Luxury Living

Bean Buro’s Mountain Residence / The Peak in Hong Kong stands as a testament to sophisticated, luxurious living, designed in 2022. This house, situated on a mountain’s peak, covers an expansive 7,400 square feet (687 square meters) and is an elegant sanctuary for a family. The residence showcases a stunning outdoor pool, a dining terrace, and a vast garden, against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s breath-taking landscape.

Elegance Through Materials and Light

The home’s interior design emphasizes tranquility and refinement, utilizing European timber, high-grade travertine stones, and fine fabrics. The guest lounge, with its double-height ceiling and fireplace, is furnished with an exquisite selection of European furniture. The use of high-quality travertine stone across architectural surfaces and bespoke joinery introduces natural textures that embody understated luxury. Warm, soothing lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere, adaptable for both day and night activities, enhancing the home’s serene ambiance.

Connecting Spaces: The Architectural Staircase

At the heart of the residence is an elegantly crafted staircase that not only serves a functional purpose but also stands as a central design element. It connects the private spaces on the upper floor, including a cozy lounge perfect for reading and tea, an entertainment room, and multiple bedrooms. This thoughtful design supports the family’s enjoyment of art, antiques, and leisure activities while prioritizing wellbeing.

A Symphony of Wellbeing and Nature

Mountain Residence / The Peak has been conceived as a serene, gentle, and refined dwelling, conducive to the enjoyment of its inhabitants. It is a place where architecture and nature coalesce, offering spaces for relaxation and entertainment against the natural grandeur of Hong Kong’s landscape. Bean Buro’s design places the family’s wellbeing at the forefront, creating a harmonious environment that fosters an appreciation for the finer things in life.

Photography by The Light Particles
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- by Matt Watts