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Residential House: Bétera Abode by Eva Rubio

Sleek, modern outdoor living space with L-shaped couch, coffee tables, and pool.

This stunning residential house in Bétera, Spain, was designed by acclaimed architect Eva Rubio in 2019. Featuring a modern and minimalist aesthetic, the home showcases a harmonious blend of sleek lines, natural materials, and seamless indoor-outdoor integration. With its sophisticated design and attention to detail, this property exemplifies the best in contemporary residential architecture.

Chic & Cozy Airbnb Apartment: A Modern Stay in Athens

Cozy living room with neutral tones, large windows, and a modern TV console.

Experience a unique blend of comfort and style at the Chic & Cozy Airbnb Apartment in Athens, Greece. Designed by INSiDE Architects in 2024, this modern apartment offers a perfect stay with its strategic use of space, lighting, and color. Located in the historic Kolonaki district, it features a seamless integration of living functions with an elegant, cozy atmosphere, ideal for short or long stays.