Chic & Cozy Airbnb Apartment: A Modern Stay in Athens

Experience a unique blend of comfort and style at the Chic & Cozy Airbnb Apartment in Athens, Greece. Designed by INSiDE Architects in 2024, this modern apartment offers a perfect stay with its strategic use of space, lighting, and color. Located in the historic Kolonaki district, it features a seamless integration of living functions with an elegant, cozy atmosphere, ideal for short or long stays.

Cozy living room with neutral tones, large windows, and a modern TV console.
Spacious open-plan living area with modern furnishings, large windows, and stylish lighting.
Spacious studio apartment with modern kitchen, dining area, and natural lighting.
Modern kitchen with patterned tile backsplash, wooden dining table, and sculptural light fixture.
A cozy bedroom with a wooden headboard, large window, and tropical-themed wall art.
Cozy bedroom interior with wooden headboard, shelves, and tropical-inspired artwork.
Minimalist bedroom with built-in cabinets, wood flooring, and hanging light fixture.
Minimalist bathroom with glass shower enclosure, floating vanity, and backlit mirror.
Balcony with modern black wicker chairs, coffee table, and urban cityscape.

About Chic & Cozy Airbnb Apartment

Stylish Living in the Heart of Athens

Located in the exclusive Kolonaki district, this 46 square meter (495 square feet) apartment is positioned on the 4th floor of a classic 1970s block. Designed by INSiDE Architects in 2024, the Chic & Cozy Airbnb Apartment offers a panoramic view of a charming neoclassical building, ensuring plenty of natural light and fresh air. The renovation focused on transforming a typical apartment layout into an airy, open-plan space tailored for Airbnb guests.

Innovative Design and Cohesive Decor

The apartment’s floor plan was reimagined to support both privacy and unity, ideal for individuals or couples. The design is underscored by the extensive use of wooden tiles across the floor, enhancing the sense of warmth throughout the living spaces. Furniture choices, such as a plush sofa, elegant dining table, and armchairs, harmonize with the wooden elements, offering both comfort and style.

Accentuating Details with Lighting and Color

Special attention was given to the lighting, with select sconces and pendant lights providing both indirect and direct illumination, adding to the apartment’s ambiance. The color palette is rich yet soothing, featuring shades of beige, brown, terracotta, gold, and green, creating a vibrant yet relaxing atmosphere. These tones complement the carpentry and overall decor, reinforcing the apartment’s sophisticated charm.

In conclusion, the Chic & Cozy Airbnb Apartment not only maximizes space and light but also weaves in luxurious details and smart design choices, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a unique and upscale experience in Athens.

Photography by John Bougas
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- by Matt Watts