Terramadeira Apartment: A Family-Centric Design in São Paulo

Discover the Terramadeira Apartment, a stunning family residence in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Arkitito Arquitetura in 2022. This apartment skillfully balances modern design with functional living, featuring an integrated living room and kitchen that maximizes space and fosters family interaction. The use of wood and sleek surfaces reflects natural light, creating a welcoming atmosphere throughout the home.

Cozy living space featuring warm wood accents, large sofa, and track lighting.
Modern living room with wood paneling, track lighting, and plush coral sofa.
A modern living space featuring warm-toned wood paneling, plush coral sofas, and a striking abstract artwork.
Warm, wooden interior with built-in TV unit, shelves, and textured wall paneling.
A modern, open-concept living space with wooden ceilings, large windows, and a cozy sofa.
Spacious open-plan kitchen and living area with modern, wooden cabinetry and furniture.
Sleek, minimalist space with warm wood tones, modern furniture, and large windows.
A modern open-concept living space with warm wood tones, minimalist furnishings, and stylish lighting.
Modern outdoor kitchen with stainless steel grill, wooden cabinets, and minimalist shelves.
Cozy workspace with wooden shelves, desk, and green upholstered chair on a colorful round rug.
A cozy bedroom with warm wood tones, textured fabrics, and minimal decor highlighting the room's design.
Bathroom with wooden paneling, round mirror, concrete vanity, and storage shelf.
Modern bathroom vanity with white countertop, wood cabinets, and sleek chrome fixtures.

About Terramadeira Apartment

Optimized Space for Family Cohesion

Conceived by Arkitito Arquitetura in 2022, the Terramadeira Apartment stands out as an exemplar of modern living in São Paulo, Brazil. The designers transformed a previously compartmentalized space into an open-concept area that enhances family interaction and functionality. The combined living room and kitchen space, enveloped by vast glass facades, ensures a continuously illuminated and inviting atmosphere. This integration promotes a communal living experience without sacrificing the convenience of everyday activities.

Material Palette: Harmonizing Function and Aesthetics

The choice of materials plays a pivotal role in defining the aesthetic and functional qualities of the apartment. Gray porcelain tiles (24×24 inches) provide a durable, unified base across different zones, while elements of wood in the carpentry and selective furnishings introduce warmth and organic texture. The entrance hall features a distinctive wooden frame that serves both as a visually appealing element and a practical storage solution for shoes.

Specialized Joinery and Multi-Functional Spaces

Addressing spatial efficiency, the designers employed innovative joinery that functions as a dual-facing structure. It not only visually separates the living room from more private areas but also features built-in acoustic properties to enhance comfort. The integration of slatted panels conceals appliances and supports ventilation— a smart design maneuver that maintains aesthetic continuity.

Intimate and Public Zones: Strategic Layout

The apartment wisely delineates between public and intimate zones. The reconfigured social area includes distinct lounging and entertainment zones, marked by different ceiling materials and strategic furniture placement. A novel dining area, relocated closer to the kitchen, optimizes space utilization and benefits from natural light, enhancing everyday dining experiences.

Natural Lighting and Earthy Tones Enhance Ambience

Emphasizing earthy tones and natural textures, the design palette features terracotta and wood, which harmoniously blend with brown lacquered panels mimicking entrance aesthetics. Porcelain tiles in social zones simplify maintenance and ensure longevity. The entire layout of the Terramadeira Apartment, from the open-plan kitchen to the cozy, wood-floored suites, is designed with an eye towards optimizing circulations and maintaining a light, airy feel, perfect for a growing family.

Photography by Leila Viegas
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- by Matt Watts