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Courtyard House: Revolutionizing Suburban Family Living in Mill Valley

Contemporary glass-walled home with open-concept living space, wood deck, and modern furnishings.

The Courtyard House in Mill Valley, California, designed by Michael Hennessey Architecture in 2023, exemplifies a thoughtful renovation of a suburban home. Tailored for a young family, it marries the past with the present, and indoor spaces with the surrounding landscapes, showcasing an open floor plan and a central courtyard that enrich family life and interaction with nature.

Quesada Apartment: StudioMadera’s Approach to Textured, Warm Interiors

Bright, open-concept living space with wooden dining table, neutral furniture, and large windows.

Discover the Quesada Apartment in Madrid, Spain, a testament to StudioMadera‘s 2023 innovate approach, transforming a once compartmentalized space into a haven of light and texture. This apartment, through strategic design and material selection, invites warmth and natural light, creating an open, cohesive living experience that prioritizes comfort and style.

Silva Escura House: Unveiling a Single-Story Family Home

Modern house with large garden and clear blue sky.

Discover Silva Escura House, designed by Raulino Silva in Maia, Portugal. This 2021 residence blends modern architecture with the unique contours of its site, offering a single-storey layout that maximizes natural light and privacy. The home ingeniously divides into distinct areas, including a central patio, skylight-enhanced bathrooms, and a spacious kitchen, providing a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Giudice House: Where Tradition Meets Modern Living

FeaturedAiry room with high ceilings, exposed beams, large windows, and lush green

The Giudice House, designed by ARKITITO Arquitetura in 2022, is a stunning example of how traditional German chalet architecture can be seamlessly integrated into a modern family home. Located in a lush, wooded neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil, this renovated house strikes a perfect balance between preserving historical elements and adapting to contemporary living standards. Its open, light-filled spaces and thoughtful use of natural materials and colors elevate the home into a warm and inviting retreat for a family with teenage children.

Ayala House: Unifying Spaces for a Modern Madrid Apartment

Bright living room with modern furniture and French doors.

Discover the transformation of Ayala House, a Madrid-based apartment redesigned in 2013 by Ábaton. This project showcases a modern and clean aesthetic, breathing new life into a traditional, compartmentalized space. By unifying spaces and maximizing natural light, Ábaton reinvented how the living, dining, and kitchen areas interact, moving private zones to the rear for enhanced tranquility.

Casa Rosario: A Unique Approach to Urban House Design in Historic Mérida

FeaturedContemporary bedroom with adjoining indoor garden and glass walls.

Casa Rosario, designed by Estudio SantaRita in 2022, sets a new standard for houses in Mérida’s Historic Center. This unique residence, home to a creative family, seamlessly blends artistic expression with architectural innovation. Through its linear layout and distinctive use of natural light and ventilation, the design ensures a fluid, harmonious living space. The integration of outdoor areas and a central pool not only enhances the connection between spaces but also introduces dynamic visual elements. Casa Rosario stands as a vibrant testament to the fusion of art and architecture.